Nick Hansinger: The Mystic Next Door

Nick specializes in helping people recover from depression, anxiety, addiction, and trauma recovery.

He’s one of the most highly trained and experienced energy healing practitioners in the USA.

As a practitioner, coach, and trainer, Nick has taught hundreds of people including  business leaders & executives, healers, entrepreneurs, coaches, doctors, lawyers, parents, and people from every walk you can think of, to help them have more calm, focus, confidence, clarity, and presence. 

Through his unique system, The Five Foundations of Self Love™, Nick will help you make peace with yourself and your past, end self-criticism and judgment, and stop self-sabotage. 

His teachings on Self Love will help you form a new understanding of yourself, and finally be on your own side with confidence and clarity to live your purpose and set yourself free. 

Here's where you can find Nick.

Visit Nick's Website

Also check out Nick's music project, Mystic Sound Healing™ to find some of his most popular free meditations as well as his newly released album. 

Visit Mystic Sound Healing™

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