Illumination Podcast™

We love enlightening your life one episode at a time. 

Illumination podcast™ has been around since 2015, and while the show has gone through some big transformations (we used to be called, Kisma and the Dark Yogi!) one thing has remained constant; It’s always been about bringing ancient wisdom into your modern life for greater peace and success. 

Maybe you're wondering…

What the heck do you two know about ancient wisdom and spirituality anyway? 

Great question. Combined, we have decades of experience in personal development and spirituality. We’ve studied Vedanta with Swami Parthasarathy for over 10 years and trained extensively under some of the most recognized names in healing, transformation and spiritual development. 

What’s Vedanta, you ask? It’s the underlying philosophy that gave birth to the multitude of religions we see today. Some of the texts are 10,000 years old and really dense. So, if you don’t want to learn Sanskrit and live in a cave to figure it out, you’ll need people you can trust to help it all make sense in our busy, modern world. That’s where we come in. 

We get right to the heart of things and present simple solutions to problems that anyone on the spiritual journey will encounter. 

People just like you who are looking for something ‘more’ in life; deeper meaning, greater connection, inner peace that can’t be disturbed, and yes, greater success and prosperity. 

This isn’t your fluffy rainbows and unicorns podcast, and it’s definitely not the harsh in-your-face-trying-to-prove-how-raw-we-can-be show either. Our listeners want answers to REAL problems and spiritual dilemmas, and that’s exactly what we’re here to deliver. 

Sure, we can ‘woo’ with the best of them, and Kisma has been known to go on Cosmic rants from time to time, but at the end of the day, this is about what you can do to bring more light, love and power into your world RIGHT NOW. 

THIS is Illumination.