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EP: 183 - Open Your Mind to Receive, Part 2

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Today's episode is part two in our series, Open Your Mind to Receive. This series is based on the book, Open Your Mind to Receive by Dr.Catherine Ponder, and in this episode we’re talking about the gift of release.

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01:43 Acceptance Includes Release

Last week the episode was about three ways to give. So if you haven't listened to that, go back and listen. But today we're going to talk about the gift of release. And Dr.Ponder...

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EP: 182 - Open Your Mind to Receive, Part 1

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In today’s episode, Open Your Mind to Receive, Part 1, we discuss opening our minds to receive. I personally am very excited for this because it's based on one of my mentors book, Dr. Catherine Ponder, and the book is entitled that, Open Your Mind to Receive. We talk about three types of giving that will allow you to be more receptive, so stay tuned on how to create more receptivity.

Also, here is the recipe for the green soup we mention in this episode.

1:41  A Receiving Issue


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EP: 181 - Real Men Know Healing


In this week’s episode, Real Men Know Healing, we have a special guest. Well sort of. We're bringing in the Mystic Next Door to discuss the topic of what healing really is.

1:46 K.N.O.W. Healing

This is something I know Nick, you've been working with men in your business as a healer coach and you know the topic is real men know healing, like K.N.O.W. They know healing. And  this is an interesting topic so I want to start it because it's really me asking you questions to share with...

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EP: 180 The Big Leap, Part 4 - Einstein Time

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In this week’s episode, The Big Leap, Part 4 - Einstein Time, we are wrapping up our series on The Big Leap with part four called Living in Einstein time.

If you did not listen to episodes one, two and three around this, part one, two, and three, go back and listen.

0:56 Dealing with Time

We could go on and on with this book. There's so much good stuff in it, but I felt like this was one piece that was really important to pull out just because all of us are dealing with time in some...

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EP: 179 The Big Leap, Part 3

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In this week’s episode, The Big Leap, Part 3 we are continuing the journey with The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks and we are talking about the methods of self sabotage. 

01:31 The Ultimate Life Tool

I've been thinking a little bit about that zone of genius (as we have been discussing in this current series) and just how instructive The Ultimate Life Tool can be for that.

I was thinking about it for myself actually, and I was like, wow, you know, it really shows you so much of how...

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EP: 178 The Big Leap, Part 2


This week’s episode The Big Leap, Part 2  we're talking about the hidden barriers to your zone of genius. In his book, The Big Leap - Gay Hendricks lays out four categories these barriers fall under and we are going to deep dive into them today!

01:57 Go Listen to Last Week’s Episode on Sabotage

Just to recap a little bit, last week we started our series on The Big Leap. if you missed it, we talked more about self sabotage. If you haven't heard it, finish listening to this...

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