Ep. 162: Creating Space

In this week’s episode, we’re discussing the importance of Creating Space; we also have an interesting announcement to share with you!

With regards to Creating Space, we talk through how to handle this at, both, the micro and macro level. Simply put, sometimes we just need a moment. Taking a moment doesn’t mean we’re stopping; it means that we’re taking time to reassess the current situation, take in new information and make room for more opportunities, more space, and a better structure.

This can be a very exciting time, as it allows us to lean further into our Creative Mind and away from the fear and worry that dwells in the Competitive Mind. Space allows for expansion and in those moments of silence, the Bhaga Gavita states that in between the Ohms we find our true selves. The truth lies in the stillness and the silence, and sometimes have to create the room in order to bring that absolute into our lives without fear

We want to ensure that we remain clean and clear in all areas of our lives: relationships, career, finances, health, wellness, exercise, prosperity, friendships, etc. Creating Space is a key tool in maintaining that clarity and once we have it internally, we’ll begin doing things externally to keep that frequency alive.

Hosts: Nick and Kisma

Episode 123 - Working With the Law Series, Part 1 - Thoughts Are Things
Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity - David Allen
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5:12 Pausing Not Stopping

“There are things that could be happening in your life, in your business, that you say, 'I’m gonna pause, I’m gonna take a breath,' but it doesn’t mean that you’re stopping.” - KISMA

12:48 Taking Space

“When you’re taking space, you know that you’re nourishing, you’re feeding. There’s a reason you’re creating space, and so that essence or that entity of wherever you’re taking space, it’s always moving. It continues to be fed.” - KISMA

17:18 The Answer

“The answer will always come to a quiet mind.” - NICK

25:18 Internal work

“It really does come down to the internal work. When your internal mind and emotions and energy are really cleaned up, the external can be whatever it is and you can manage it so much more easily. It will find a natural order that’s in correspondence with what’s going on with the inside.” - NICK


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