Ep. 161: How to NOT Take on Negative Energy

Coming off of the tail end of episodes 159 and 160’s Being Prosperous series, this week’s topic of discussion is about How to NOT take on Negative Energy. What better way to maintain a prosperous vibe than keeping negative energy at bay?

So, how can we do it? How can we not take on the negative energy of others? It’s important to note that energy is energy, however, labels are often apart of the conversation. At the root of it all, it comes down to truly being in our energy and making sure that it’s as clear and bright as possible.

A key component of doing that is awareness; we want to remain aware of what’s going on and that can be tricky in this noisy world. When we’re unaware and unfocused, we can become easily moved and start attaching to the things that aren’t clear and bright.

In this episode, we dive deeper into the importance of awareness and offer additional tips, tricks, and tools for How to NOT take on Negative Energy.

Hosts: Nick and Kisma

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4:30 Awareness

Nick: The first piece is really about being aware of what’s going on.

Kisma: This conscious awareness.

Nick: It’s having a sense of self-awareness, and that is definitely easier said than done. People are busy, we’re rushing from thing to thing to thing, juggling a million different things and not a lot of people necessarily see the value of taking time out of their day to sit down for a second and be like, ‘Hey! What’s going on here?’


9:45 Taking Stuff from Others

“The other piece too that I want to look at — back to that kind of awareness thing — is it’s easy to take on other people’s lower-vibe thoughts or energy: panic, lack of energy, anger. These things can be just like a wildfire, and so if we’re not in our lane and really aware of what our mission is — what we’re doing here today or tomorrow, whatever it is — we can take on their stuff.” - KISMA


18:51 Set the Intention

“At the very least, when we set the intention that we will make choices for our highest and best, we really do make better choices.” - KISMA


28:48 We’re Always Working with Energy

“Everything is energy and you've already been working with energy your whole life. That’s the thing that most people miss. They’re like, ‘Oh, I don’t know about this thing.’ You’ve already been doing it. You can’t not, but your way of relating to it is really unique and so you want to give yourself the time — just a moment, shouldn't take a long time. Just take a moment or two to notice.” - NICK

30:28 The Conscious and Unconscious Choices

“Back up for a second to what we talked about before of those conscious and unconscious choices that we make. There’s a reason that that’s happening, and unwinding what’s going on on a deeper energetic level as well as those conscious and subconscious beliefs and programs that are running there, that’s where you really start to shift it. Cord-cutting will get you out of trouble anytime, anywhere. If you’re feeling stuck or something’s not right or you just don’t feel like yourself, start by cutting your cords. To take it a step further and to really, really get that momentum going in starting to make a bigger shift in your life, you absolutely have to address what’s going on in the mind.” - NICK


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