Ep. 160: Being Prosperous - Part 2, "The Frequency of Prosperity"

This week brings the second half of the Being Prosperous series: The Frequency of Prosperity. It’s important to note that the frequency of prosperity cannot be achieved without a prosperous mind; the topic of last week’s episode - Part 1The State of Mind of Prosperity. To sum up the connection, we attract what we are and that begins with what's in our thoughts.

In this week’s episode, we discuss how the frequency of prosperity tunes into our vibe and our thoughts. As we mentioned in Part 1, if there’s chaos surrounding us, there’s chaos somewhere within us. To that same effect, if we’re experiencing harmony, that’s the result of a harmonious mindset and energy within us.

Simply put, if you want to manifest faster - raise your frequency of prosperity. Raise that vibe because your Vibe is Your Tribe. We, of course, know this is often easier said than done and in this episode, we share insights, best practices, and guidance on how we can turn up the dial on The Frequency of Prosperity.

Hosts: Nick and Kisma


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Mindset To Get Your Prosperity Set - Course
Power vs. Force - David Hawkins

Time Stamps:

4:07 It All Begins with a Thought

“We attract what we are. It really does start with what’s happening in our thoughts. If you think of a thought flow, it has an energy. It becomes thicker and thicker and thicker, and as we’re thinking, it’s shifting the entire vibe of our being. Anytime we’re in a funk, we just need to observe our thoughts." - KISMA

7:43 What You Put Out Elevated, Comes back Elevated

“When you can elevate what you’re putting out in frequency, you’re going to elevate what you get back.” - KISMA

11:34 We Have the Answers

“It’s also true that the answers are locked inside of you. That is 100% true — always is — but what’s also true is that you’re the last one who’s going to see it.” - NICK

15:11 Something’s Always Working

“Something’s always working when you’re facing forward. I think that’s an important thing to remind ourselves. If you’re building a business and you’re launching a course or something, and it falls flat the first time, tweak it, change it, do something, get up and do it again. We didn’t ride our bike the first time perfectly. We fell.” - KISMA

26:07 You Can Do This

“Tap into your heart, look at your thoughts, be super-receptive to all that the Universe, God, Source, Spirit have to give you because when you think about something, it’s really ready to show up. I know one of the big pieces is to drop the worry, drop the fear. You can totally do this.” - KISMA


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