Ep. 157: Accessing Your Gifts, Talents and Magic, Part 2

This week’s episode brings Part 2 of our series, Accessing Your Gifts, Talents, and Magic. We started last week with the discussion on how to identify our gits; today, we’re shining light on how to activate the magic in our DNA. When we reference our gifts and magic, we’re talking about our creative expression and joy, the things that speak to our soul and that many of us are crying out to do. For a lot of us, somewhere along the way, we began suppressing that expression and in Part 2 we offer some tips on how to tap in, dig deep and rediscover that source of happiness, authentic joy, and childlike wonder.

Nick and Kisma


1:38 Human Potential

“When I look at a human being, I just know that there is potential beyond potential within every single human being, that we can’t even imagine. I don’t think magic is a stretch by any means. I think magic is maybe scratching the surface a bit, of what’s really in there for each of us. It’s a magic process to watch it unfold. It’s so exciting in so many different ways.” - NICK

8:45 What’s the Dream?

“What is the dream? If you had 24 hours or 48 hours to just go off and play, what would you do? Would you be sitting in the Harry Potter library reading? Would you be on a sailboat? Would you be painting? Would you be dancing or drumming?” - KISMA

13:35 Burn Out

“Sometimes we step into different roles or ways of being. Yet if we’re staying in the very serious or the one that we’re using to bring in money, our business or jobs or whatever, we’re going to hit burn out. There isn’t the breath of the magic, of the fun, of the dreaming and fulfilling the dreams” - KISMA

17:31 Mysticism

“We don’t need another person who’s on autopilot, going through life mechanically. We talked about mysticism, The Mystic Next Door and what that’s all about. Mysticism is about coming alive, it’s about coming back to that trues nature of yourself. It’s about unlocking, within you, those gifts, that magic, that something special that is truly who you are at the core.” - NICK

22:54 Pivot the Message

“If this is resonating - ‘I’m not creative. I’m not a good dancer, I’m not a good skater.’ Pivot it, turn it around to ‘i am so receptive to having fun with this. I’m super receptive to creativity, I’m super receptive to dancing.’ Don't make it have to be a certain way; this is all about coming back to the magic and the gifts and the joy.” -KISMA


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