Ep. 156: How to Access Your Gifts, Talents and Magic - Part 1

It’s no secret that we love a good series; this week brings Part 1 of How to Access Your Gifts, Talents, and Magic. This topic was Nick’s idea as he’s a big fan of magic and creating space for us to explore the gifts that we all possess. Part 1 focuses on our ability to identify our gifts. There are many of us who are on the journey of exploration yet we don’t know what it is that we’re looking for or how to go about the process of identifying our gifts. If you don’t know what you’re looking for or how to look for it, it’s almost impossible to develop it. Circling back to that magic that Nick loves so much, our superpowers can’t be honed until their discovered.

Tune in for a few tips and tricks how to, both, identify the gifts, talents, and magic that lies within us and advice how to bring them to the surface - creating space for us to live a fully self-expressed and authentic life.

Hosts: Nick and Kisma


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3:01 Our Gifts, Talents and Magic

“In a very real way, in our world - our gifts and our talents, our magic are things that make us so incredibly unique and so valuable in the world” - NICK

7:05 Childlike Magic

“I remember doing little, magical things when I was a child. Whether it was through a thought process or play or whatever. Then, at some point, an adult would be like ‘don’t do that or we don’t talk to make believe playmates or don’t wave your hands like what’ - where somebody makes it wrong in us. Then, as we’re growing into teens and adults, we just start to think or behave according to what other people have told us or put on us. That’s anti-magic, that’s anti gifts.” - KISMA


18:05 Creativity, Magic, Gifts, and Skills

“The creative, and the magic, and the gifts and the skills - when we can identify 1 or 2 everyone, it actually does create the white space, even though we might be in color. There is space that’s being created in our mind, in our souls, in our presence so that whatever we do on either side of it is more dynamic.” - KISMA


21:45 Geek Out

“The things that you geek out on, somewhere in there is your magic. The things that you do really uniquely just geek out on them more and more and it’ll bring more into your life. What it does is, this is what I’ve seen anyway, is it just opens up space for so much more to come through.” - NICK


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