Ep. 154: Nick's True Confessions

This week’s episode is a personal one. It touches on conversations that we’ve had during our earlier episodes about radical authenticity, ruthless honesty, and courageous vulnerability. Speaking of vulnerability, we deep dive into a very vulnerable moment for Nick. He has a confession that he shares with us, along with the lessons that he garnered from it. We talk about this often that, in every situation in our lives (even in the challenges), there’s a spiritual lesson if we’re willing to see it. This episode is about Nick’s journey into the lessons and how he was able to humble himself to see what was there…...believe it or not, this was all brought on by cheese!

2:05 Seeing the Gifts

“In every challenge, in every situation, there’s a spiritual lesson if we are willing to see it. We’ve really got to be present with what we're going through, have gone through and be receptive to the fact that even when something is — many people will say 'hard,' I like to use the word 'challenging' — there’s a gift. Those gifts can lead to many gifts, many insights.” - KISMA

15:22 Using the Tools

“If you have the best medication in the world, the most amazing super pill that’s going to fix everything in your life, it does you absolutely no good if it sits in the bottle” - NICK

19:20 The Lesson

“The lesson is everyone in this world, whatever your thing is, if you pray, if you meditate, if you run, if you work out, if you journal, if you do energy work like we do, if you’ve worked with us or not, if you have a thing, a ritual, a protocol, and little by little you start to ignore that — it can also apply if you start to ignore being kind or you start to ignore making money or being compassionate — there's a whole ripple effect in your being from becoming complacent to one important thing.” - KISMA

23:14 Pride

“Here’s the thing about pride: If you were to measure somebody’s spiritual core — which you can totally do, you can measure it any time — and when somebody gets into the pride, it doesn't just go back to its least common denominator. It actually diminishes from that. It’s a massive, massive diminishment and it really cuts off that connection to those higher aspects of yourself — all of the things that keep you in your happy, joyful place doing what you’re here to do.” - NICK

33:03 A Receptive State

“Just saying, 'Be more humble,' that’s not it either. That’s not the answer. What I would say is it comes from a really receptive state, even if you only do that for a few minutes a day. It’s something to reflect on and from the receptive state to just say, 'Show me.'” - NICK


Melanie Steverson-Jarvis

Thank you for all that you both do to make this world a brighter day. You have been a blessing in my life and many others. Namaste 

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Nick Hansinger

You're so so welcome! 🧙🏼‍♂️💗

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