Ep. 163: Seven Secrets to Prosperity, Part 1


We're BACK! 

This week’s episode kicks off Part 1 of our next series, Seven Secrets to Prosperity. We talk a lot about prosperity on this podcast, but it’s time to really dive in. Prosperity is important to talk about in general, but it’s something that often gets missed. The truth is, prosperity is essential to healing and transformation.

In Part 1, we define what prosperity is, how to prevent congesting our money, and what spiritual lessons may be tied to our past money mistakes.

To your prosperous life, 

Nick and Kisma

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3:38 What is Prosperity?

"It’s really easy if you’re an entrepreneur or even if you’re in corporate or you’re a stay-at-home parent or retired, that we can get into a lack mindset. That lack mindset is just permeating the planet right now, and that’s not the way we were designed to be as humans. Organically, we’re here to expand in full lifeforce, and that includes prosperity.” – KISMA


9:35 Money is Not to Blame

“The truth is if there’s something that, at a soul-level, is really important and you know it’s the next right place, that step in—that stretch—really opens so much for you to receive more because money is energy. It flows out, it flows in. One must be clear and clean to have that flow, but as soon as we blame money and make it an excuse, we’re actually making it wrong. When we’re making money an excuse to not elevate in our life, in our business, in our investments, we’re blaming money, and money is not to blame.” - KISMA


11:49 People with Money

“When you make people with money wrong, it’s catastrophic to your prosperity.” – KISMA


23:15 Spiritual Lesson

“Every experience has a spiritual lesson if we’re willing to look at it. When you get that spiritual lessons, you can’t put a price tag on it. You really can’t.” - KISMA


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