Ep. 165: Seven Secrets to Prosperity Part 3



This week’s episode is Part 3 of Seven Secrets to Prosperity. Just to reiterate, we talked about what prosperity is in Part 1. It’s wealth, energy, love, and spirituality, but it’s also flow in your life. The seven secrets we share in this series are really about what it means to get unstuck and find that flow again. That’s what we’re talking about in this episode: being open to receiving. If you’re not receiving something that you desire, you have to look at what limiting beliefs make you resist that prosperity.


Nick and Kisma

3:40 Hold Onto Your Power

“Internally we have answers to every question, solutions to every problem. We have the cause to every effect. But when we’re busy blaming the world, the government, people, our bosses, or whatever, we might as well take all the power we have and throw it at them. We might as well take all of the energy we have and throw it at them, and all of the money we have and throw it at them.” – KISMA


8:58 The Depleted State

“When you’re in a depleted state, you’re not bringing the best of yourself into that relationship.” – NICK


14:31 Where Money Comes From

“People get confused and they think that money comes from people, and it’s coming from the government, and it’s coming from whatever. It’s coming from the universe through people.” – KISMA


15:23 Demand It

“The problem is not the amount, the supply. The problem is we don’t demand enough of it. We don’t demand enough of the universe. We don’t demand enough of ourselves. So, we limit what we receive.” - KISMA


18:04 Go to Source

“We only have so many days on this planet. So, if we’re going to create, why don’t we go straight to Source to create? Because why would we do it any other way? We’re just going to keep spinning around and coming back until we figure it out. So, why not go straight to the top?” - KISMA


Eric Prymak

Excellent content!

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Nick Hansinger

Thanks so much Eric! We really appreciate you listening and taking the time to stop by and leave a comment. Cheers! 

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