Ep: 166 - How to Have More Confidence, Part 1


This week’s episode is all about How to Have Confidence. In part 1 of this 2-part series, there are three main areas that will really trip people up when standing in their own personal confidence; Specific things that can put a chink in our armor without even realizing what is happening. You’ll also discover some simple hacks to regain your confidence and ground yourself in your truth. 


Nick and Kisma

(6:15) - Opening the Yoga Studio
I have a great example story. When I opened my yoga studio, I didn't really know what I was doing. I was fresh out of being a musician and the economy was going down and people told me all the time, you're crazy…


(07:07) - Derailing Stories
There are moments where we have to decide, “I'm not taking on other people's fears and stories.” That's on us yet it happens after we're aware that people around us are saying things, doing things and repeating these stories and beliefs of theirs. You know, we have to have a pulse on it so that we can actually say, Nope, not taking it on. - KISMA

(08:25) - Projected Fears
Other people, they'll draw into their own lack of confidence, their own insecurities, and start to project that on us. - KISMA

(08:56) - Doubts
Doubts will show up a lot of times in family. It will also show up just all around you and friends. Well-meaning friends and coworkers, that's their stuff.  So they built the story around it. But in there somewhere all of their doubts are wound up in it. - Nick

(09:27) You Decide
This is not about blaming anybody else. It's just about awareness because ultimately it's on us. It really is. And people have a right to have their doubts. Like if they're going to doubt, okay, they're going to doubt. The thing is do we want to take that on? And those stories and those doubts will become ours… - KISMA

(13:10) The Result of Self-Doubt
So energetically what's happening in your head is a whole layer of fog that's going to cloud your judgment, and that will disconnect you from what's true for you and being really dropped in and it'll make you feel ungrounded. - Nick

(15:57) Comparison
The third thing is comparison, and this is the biggest one; This is really one that traps people.  I think with comparison people look at it a lot of times as a positive thing because they think, this is what's gonna make me better, yet the opposite is true. - Nick

(21:38) Ungrounded
When we get ungrounded, it's easier to take on doubts. It's easier to take on stories and it's way easier to compare. Your defenses are down.

(21:52) Get Grounded Hack 
When we talk about getting grounded is basically getting back in your body and getting your brain and your body actually talking again. So one of the best things that you can do is this…

Put the tip of the tongue at the roof of the mouth and take some deep breaths through the nose, in and out, through the nose. The pattern would be in for six, hold for three, out for six, hold for three. Repeat for 3-7 rounds.


Trina Rice

Brilliant conversation!!  Thanks for sharing this out in the world!! 

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Nick Hansinger

Thanks for listening Trina! We're so happy you're here. :) 

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