EP: 169 - 3 Ways to Overcome Obstacles



This week’s episode is all about unpacking the 3 Ways to Overcome Obstacles.  This episode is very effective and relevant for coaches, healers and business owners who have people come in because their prospect faces what we would call an obstacle. We are going to discuss how to move past a problem to get the result.


Nick and KISMA

04:30 Something Came Up
Scenario: someone wants to purchase a training or course from you but then comes back and says: “something came up”. When a client focuses on the thing that they perceive as a problem, this creates the obstacle, it begins to grow in the negative when someone is only focusing on this obstacle rather than focusing on if there is an obstacle, then there's actually a solution.


05:44 Perception, not Truth, Became the Obstacle

It's not hard to find reasons to back down. I just had this really interesting thing happen with me. A lady had reached out on my website about some pretty significant depression she described in a form she filled out.

She scheduled a time to talk with me, which is one of my favorite things to do. To talk to people and just to see what's really going. Are we actually a fit to work together.  Can I help you in some way? And what would that look like? You know, to really bring them through a process. At the end of the day, they always walk away with some form of clarity that's really powerful for them.  This specific call ended up being dropped due to cell service. An everyday thing that happens, right!?! But then the prospect thought I had hung up on her…

That was the last I heard from her and it made me sad. Because she reached out for really good reason. She found the right place. I'm really good at helping people with those sorts of things. And we were only just one step away from finding a bridge over that...


08:31 - Misreading Signs

Another obstacle scenario: someone misreading signs.


9:22 - Resistance is a SIGN of it’s TIME to Move Forward

It's a sign. It's not the right time. What's meant to be is what's in alignment with your soul, with your purpose, with your life. And oftentimes you take that step, like the woman who went to check in with Nick to have a call.

When you take the steps, something's going to come up because it's a representation of the fear of actually growing, exploring, creating something better, making a breakthrough.


10:57 Budget - Obstacle

The Budget Scenario: Well what if it were in your budget? What if it were, and that might seem like an absurd question, but it invites you into a creative space. Hmm, I wonder where that money might be.


11:30 Overcome with Inquiring

So inquire. Is it really an obstacle or is ego not okay.  That part of you where taking this step is growth, expansion, doing something new will feel really uncomfortable.


18:25 Find Your Yes

In every moment. There is always something here for you that will take you to your next step. And it's weird because we miss it most of the time, I just think we are busy, we're in our work, we're in our different things and it's like we're not really always open and receptive to whatever the yes is in front of us.


23:50 - Know the TRUTH of Obstacles

Obstacles do not block the path. They are the path and they are the path to strength, to resiliency, to wisdom, to enlightenment, to being an amazing human.



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