EP: 188 - How to Solve Anxiety in Stressful Times

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Today's episode is all about How to Solve Anxiety During Stressful Times. We share some tips and tools for you to use so you can move from an anxious state of mind into a calm and peaceful state of mind.

03:43 Holding The Light

We are recording this during a stressful time on the planet. During the COVID-19  pandemic. It's very fascinating, it can feel stressful. It can feel uncertain. But, what I am noticing, certainly with my clients and students, and the world and myself is that there will be waves of stress.

I think that the people in my world are doing such great work and being very focused on holding the light, so to speak, staying focused, being grateful for whatever they can be grateful for. Everyone is trying to see the good in this and how they're going to land on the other side, which is incredible.

And that's why we do the deep work here. However, it doesn't mean that there aren't waves of anxiety. We just don't know. We don't know how long it's going to be. We don't know. So where do we start with this?


05:01 Understanding Anxiety

I think first and foremost is understanding what anxiety is. It has a lot to do with futurizing. So, it's projecting into the future, and right now with the uncertainty being so high, when we look ahead, it's like, well how long is this gonna last? Am I going to be okay? Not just on a physical level, because I think a lot of people are feeling a little bit more grounded in that.

But okay, well how long am I going to be out of work? Or how long is this kind of down cycle going to be happening? When am I going to be able to get back into my life and reconnect with people? 

What anxiety does is it burns when you're futurizing like that. So you get really up in your head and your head starts to really create these stories and it's burning a ton of energy. And that actually depletes your energy. So you feel kind of  like everything's all congested up in your head and then it depletes your energy and then you're in that weakened state.


07:14 Anchoring into the Present Moment

I think we do have to understand anxiety in order to solve it. And I like how you put it. It's futurizing. I've certainly talked about how the mental stories that we create, the assumptions that we create, when we go into the future and start seeing the worst case effects us. So it seems like it's really anchoring into the present moment and having some sort of faith and trust that what's in front of us is going to be okay and that obviously we'll do everything we can to make it okay.


07:55 The Things that Manifest

That's absolutely true. One of the sayings that I hear around a lot is, expect the best but plan for the worst.

There's a real significant problem with that because you pay lip service to expecting the best and say, “okay, yeah, we're going to hold some positive thoughts here”, but then so many of your actions are driven around preparing for the worst. And those are the things that manifest more. When you take action in the world, that's more powerful than just thinking something. It starts being congruent with your thoughts and that sets up an inherent incongruency where one part of you is like, it's going to be okay, but then the other part of you is panic buying toilet paper and canned goods. And that in itself will create more inner conflict. That inner conflict will get you more un-grounded and the less grounded you are, the more that the mind just kind of takes control and is like, well, I'm going to make this safe by thinking my way through it. That's anxiety.


09:07  The Whole Recipe

Yeah. And it really agitates the mind. It brings fear, confusion,and  doubt. The whole recipe. 


11:28 This is Not Permanent

One of the things that I will say to people just to help anchor and lessen that anxiety is, this is not permanent. Is our world going to be different from now on? Yes. However, this is not permanent. We're going to get through it. And the way that we view what's happening, the way we navigate it will determine how we land on the other side.

That's an easy thing to say. Like, take a breath. It's not permanent. Yet, if someone is suffering from acute anxiety, what else can they do energetically to help get into the calm, you know, come in for a landing?


Well energetically, the first thing is to go get my free video set because it'll teach you a breathing technique that is incredibly powerful. It's very, very simple. Anybody can do it. It'll teach you how to cut cords, which is basically getting you out of that energy. Go get them and learn them.


26:55 Grace and Space

So this was great. Nick, what is your illuminated thought for this show?


My illuminated thought is I think it's truly beautiful that we see people giving each other more space, you know, physically. It would be cool to have some hugs in there too, but the gentleness is something that I'm seeing more of. Like, giving people a little space to be a human being. And I think that is a beautiful thing. Grace and space.


All right, well thank you everyone for being here. We are sending you so much love, really good energy, and please reach out if there's anything that you need from us or questions. 



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