EP: 198 - 3 Decisions That Can Make Any Day Your Best Day

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This week's episode is about Three Decisions You Can Make Any Day Your Best Day.

02:44 It All Comes Down To Your Decisions

Today we're talking about three decisions to make any day your best day.


Any day, your best day. And the reason we're talking about decisions is if you've been listening to us or following either of us, you know that we talk a lot about energy, the power of thoughts, the power of energy and the ultimate power of choice. And you know I say, we're always manifesting. And when people understand that they're like, “Oh, I better think about what I'm putting out there”.


The thing that a lot of people miss is it really does all come down to your decisions.


03:56 You Get To Choose

And if you don't change your decisions, you'll always wind up creating the same energy. Like it's not just about mindset. It is truly about decisions on a moment to moment basis, the choice that we make and the thing that most people don't think is actually a choice is your emotions. You actually get to choose your emotions.


06:23 Three Simple Decisions

So I think this idea that you had about this podcast, these three decisions, is brilliant because it gives us a chance to really examine what are three simple decisions that can be made that will shift everything?


The reason I thought we could focus on decisions is because as we know, where your thoughts go, your energy goes. And what you're focusing on will increase as per the universe. This is a law.


07:52 Decide: You Are Worth It

So the first decision that I thought was very important is to decide: YOU ARE WORTH IT.

It's a big one because whenever there is a lack of worthiness in a human being, they will choose to align their feelings with a lack of worthiness. They'll manifest things in their life that add on to the lack of worthiness, but so much changes when you understand that you're worthy just because you're a divine human being. 

When someone decides to accept that, it's like a new breath of life.


It changes everything.


11:03 The Attitude You Want

Decision number two is to decide: the attitude you want TODAY. 

What is the authentic attitude that you want to hold throughout the day that's going to energize you, that's going to allow you to be in flow, that is going to give you focus and sustainability?


16:30 Pause And Reset

Decision number three is so important. Make the decision at the beginning of the day that you'll PAUSE AND RESET when necessary. 

We've got to do this as human beings, especially because it's a noisy world. It's a busy world. There's a lot going on. There's a lot coming at us. If we don't pause and reset it can be like that spiral down. And when we pause and reset, you get to choose your attitude again. 


It's never too late to do that.


19:16 Everything Is Your Decision To Make

So the illuminated thought for the day is that everything comes down to your decisions. So even energy, the emotion, everything is your decision to make.


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