EP 200: Know Your Supply

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 This week’s episode is called Know Your Supply.

02:54 Remember Your Supply

I grabbed the title, Know Your Supply, because I'm always working with my students and clients about how everything comes from the same supply, the same Source. We have access to all that is. 

I follow Deepak Chopra on Instagram. I've never done his trainings or courses, but I think he's so cute. He just speaks wisdom at the right time. And it was the beginning of the Corona virus, and I was checking his profile because I wondered what he was saying about it. And his post was so simple. It said “remember your supply”. Like, yes, we have to remember. We have to know our supply.


03:46 We Have To Know

A lot of people think if they could find the right man or the right woman they would be happy. Or if they lose 10 pounds, they'll be happy. Now all of these things bring joy to our lives, but they don't create internal happiness.

Whenever I teach sales, I talk about this. Money comes from the same place as everything else. It comes from Universe, Source, God, Spirit, whatever your word is, it comes from there. It comes through people, but it does not come from people. Everything comes from the same supply. We have to know our supply and we better be speaking to the supply and be grateful.


This is an important kind of remembrance and a re-centering.


05:58 Allowing It Into Your Life

If you recognize that nothing actually comes from those people, it comes through those people, you never have to feel like you're taking something from someone. So whatever that thing is, service, love, money, it just comes through those people and you’re allowing it into your life. 

This was one of the big revelations for myself that took so much pressure off of the way that I interact with the world. I stopped asking things of people and started to ask for things from that higher source. 

You just have to be clear and intentional about what you want, what you're creating, and then allow those things to come into your life. 


06:53 Demand What Is Yours

Demand what is yours and allow it. Demand is not a bad word. 

It's just like “Alright, Universe. I demand what is mine. And I'm going to receive it.” So it’s the spiritual demand. And it creates a partnership with Source to bring in what it is you desire.


08:58 Stay Receptive

So I only ask Source, Universe, God, and then I stay receptive. 

We have to stay very present and also flexible in our own way so that we can allow and receive.


Receiving or actually having is probably one of the most powerful things that I think anybody can ever work on.


17:42 Give Gratitude

So know your supply, everyone. Remember your supply. Talk to your supply and give gratitude to your supply. 



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