EP 202: Moving from Chaos to Calm, Part 2


In this week’s episode we're continuing the series, Moving from Chaos to Calm. And today we’re focusing on what's going on inside you.

2:17 The World Is A Mirror

If you want to create calm, we have to look at what's going on inside of you.

You've probably heard the teaching of the world is a mirror of what's going on inside. You work on your internal and the external does recreate. When we're willing to examine, to be present, and ask “Okay, what the heck is happening inside of me that I can alter, that I can change, that I can amplify or not amplify to change. What's going on around me?”, you're in control.


4:09 Choosing For Yourself

We're going to talk about what are often referred to as the three R’s; how you receive something, how you react and then how you respond. 

There's so much information around you all the time. There's a lot coming at us. It's  all not bad. It's just stuff. 

So when we look at how we are receiving things- how do we receive things from the news? How do we receive something from our partner or a client or our children? In what ways is it coming in?


It's coming in through all of your senses. It's what you see. It's what you hear. It's the energy that you experience, and all of these different things. 

So there is a decision of what and who we surround ourselves with. What is the quality of the people? Are they bright, shiny, sparkling people who are really motivated to go do amazing things in the world? Or are they people who are very committed to being stuck in problems? What do you choose to surround yourself with? 


7:00 Internal Reaction

It’s important that to the best of your ability, you're choosing the highest for yourself. It makes a world of difference.


It really does because there's an internal reaction that happens after you receive the information. And that internal reaction is going to be part of what you take on and how thick, heavy, joyful, or wonderful it is.


9:10 Continues To Create Calm

The whole point of noticing what the reaction going on internally is when you receive and how to guide those emotions that might be lower vibe to a higher emotional state is so that when you reach the third R, which is respond, you're responding in a way that continues to create calm, or at least isn't triggered and doesn't blow things up. 

The key is that when information comes in, and the reaction internally is like, “Oh, this doesn't feel good.”, you take a moment. You notice it. Then you use your intellect, so that your response is on par with what you want to have happen down the road. 


13:09 There Is A Point To Let Go

I want to talk about a really important aspect of each one of these. There is a point to let go, and this is key. 

In the receiving part, there's a let go about what you can influence in your environment at that given moment. Let go of trying to make it any different and let go of the manipulation or whatever it is that you're trying to do to control or change the situation. 

Letting go allows you to react and respond more cleanly and clearly, and more in line with what you actually want to experience in your life. 



So this series is brought to you by my audio series that is now available called Calm the Chaos

Until next week, much love and namaste.



Melanie Steverson-Jarvis

Thank you. It is nice to have both the auto and written form of you message. Much gratitude.

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Nick Hansinger

Thanks. I'm so glad you're enjoying the site as well as the show. Cheers! 

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