EP: 206 How to Shape Your Reality, Part 1

_ INK EP 206

In this episode we talk about How to Shape Your Reality.

2:48 Manifesting

What we want to talk about today, and we might be talking about it more and more, is how to shape your reality, basically manifesting. 

And I think I know where I want to kick this off. 

If you're not shaping your reality, the outside reality is gonna shape you.


I feel like this goes beyond manifesting as well.

When I think about shaping your reality, that involves the flow of your life and the direction that it goes, your experience of the things. 

And I'm excited to let the conversation unfold.


4:20 Four Principles of Shaping Your Reality

So we want to look at these four principles of shaping your reality. And we might dial in a few of them in this episode, but they are knowing, heart, action, and receptivity.


  1. Knowing
  2. Heart
  3. Action
  4. Receptivity


4:41 Knowing Your Desired Reality

If we start with knowing, the way that I teach this is we have to know what it is we want, and this can get confusing for people because they don’t know their big vision. You don't have to have the big, big vision, but if you're going to shape your reality, start to decide, what is that desired reality? What is it that you want your life to be?

If it's something specific in relationships, something in your career or business or your health, you have to know it, and really begin to see that in your vision. 


10:27  Acceptance of What Is

And when I think about heart, that to me, it's a little hard to describe actually, but it's not necessarily an emotional thing. It's when I'm really dropped into myself and choosing what's right for me. There's an inner sort of quietude around it or just an ease of like, “Oh, that's the thing. Oh, that's it. That's right for me. I know that's right for me. I can move in that direction”. 

It's an inner peace that just says yes and it's so clear.


Yeah. I think it's an acceptance of what it is. 

It's very much that inner knowing will come when we are in more belief of what it is we want. Belief in ourselves and belief in the Universe, in Spirit and Source that will provide it when we stay on that path.


13:43 Charged With Emotion

The other thing that needs to happen for this piece of knowing and heart is, I think when you come upon something you want and it's charged with emotion, is being aware that it goes both ways. 

If someone charges their desire with fear, they're going into the upside down affirmation, the negative affirmation, and that thought's going to be charged.

When they charge it with gratitude, belief, and acceptance, it is also powerful. 

It begins to mold out into this Universal Intelligence Space.


14:37 Present In The Knowing

But the things we need to avoid are regret of the past and apprehension of the future. 

Being right here, present in the knowing, dropped into heart and putting the emotion of gratitude for it, it's already existing. If we think about it, it's already existing. So it's staying in belief and dropped in.


That allows the action to unfold which is the third step.


Yes, there's going to be action. Yes, there's going to be receptivity. And we'll talk about that in the next episode, but right here and now, everything begins with a thought.

What we're dialing in here is how much in the knowing of what it is you want to attract, that you can see it, that you can feel it, that you can accept it and then be in this present moment and the next present moment so that you're in this space, you're in this Universal Substance ready to allow this thing to take shape.


20:38 Just Be Present

Just be present if nothing else. This very exercise will elevate your vibe. It'll raise your frequency.  And then in the next episode, we'll talk more about the action and the receptivity to really bring these dreams into a reality for you.



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