EP: 212 The Getting Unstuck Series, Part 3

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This episode is part three of The Getting Unstuck Series and today we are discussing the energy stuck.

1:13 Energy Stuff

This is The Getting Unstuck Series. 

We have talked about the in-between stuck and the mental stuck. This week is the energy stuck. 

Now of course, Nick is an expert on energy healing, energy work, energy clearing, energy coaching, so he is going to tell us what it feels like to be in energy stuck.


Energy stuck shows up in more subtle ways, but also really obvious ways.  People just don't think it's energy stuck.

It'll show up as feeling tired. Like no matter how much you sleep, you feel tired. You get kind of stuck in that mode or not sleeping. So you're tired, but you lay down to sleep and then your mind is going. That’s energy stuff. But the biggest way that it really shows up is illness in the body.


4:28 Breaking up the Energy

I think when we talk about energetic stuckness that like the idea is to immediately go to some kind of energetic thing, but there is a little bit more of a process to that.

So if you've got things showing up physically like fatigue, maybe it's headache patterns, weight gain, things like that, and you're like, why is this holding? You actually need to have physical movement in your life.


It breaks up the energy.


That's right. 

When it's stuck in the body, you really need to just move the body.

Just move yourself around because it will shake that up and get you moving. 


9:57 Connected with the Physical Body

The other thing I see that happens when someone's energetically stuck is they stop breathing. I mean, not literally, but the breath becomes very shallow. It's just not present.


It gets back to the physiology of it. That's a link that a lot of people miss with energy. They think that the energy is all out there or all in the chakras, but actually it needs to be connected with the physical body. And that's exactly what the breath does. 

So we use that 6-3 pattern that is taught in my video series.

And that breathing technique is incredibly beneficial because it gets the subtle energy channels moving as well. 

So you move your body to get the body systems moving. You start to shake off and break up the energy in and around the body a little bit. And then the breathing helps to get those subtle energy channels moving. 


14:41 Change the Energy

Sometimes we have to change our surroundings to change the energy that we're in. Like you got to take yourself out of where you are, change the energy and go somewhere. And it kind of ignites your intuition and brings in more. 


I'm glad you mentioned that because environmental stuff matters.


17:42 Steps to See a Shift

I mean these are the energetic things that most people don't just really don't think about, but are really important.

The energy is actually what's controlling everything else. So use these tips to keep your environment clean, to keep your body moving and to keep your breath moving. 

If you just do these things, you will definitely see a shift and then you can get more resources and take some other steps.



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