EP: 213 How to Have a Bigger Future

_ INK EP 213

This episode is about How to Have a Bigger Future. We talk about our Bigger Future Challenge, which you can join us for here.

3:00 A Clean Slate

It's 2021 and this is our first recording this year. 

I wanted to share with our listeners our different perspectives of how we close out a year and enter a new year. 


I think this year it's a little bit different. 

I like to think that every day is a clean slate. I like to think that every minute is a clean slate.

But for me entering a new year, the way I was approaching it in December was very much like how do I go to bed in order to wake up and have a good day? And that's really through releasing anything during the day that didn't serve, cutting chords and falling asleep in gratitude, and setting in my subconscious what I wanted to manifest the next day. That's how I was sort of being more stealth about closing out the year and having so much gratitude for what worked, learning from any mistakes and just being released, released, released. Just complete healing and as much closing loops as I could so that I could slide into 2021.


5:58 A Time of Reflection and Assessing

I was busy at the end of the year, but it was a reflective time for me. I assess the year and that forgiveness and closing loops. 

Those are always huge practices for me during that time. It's to create a sense of organization, it's to look at what I can close up. What can I make sure that I don't drag with me into the new year? 

And one of the loops I closed that was really exciting and opened at the same time was the sound healing. You can find the information about the next one at https://www.nickhansinger.com/soundhealing.


11:14 Bigger Future

So let's talk about this bigger future.


Back in September we did a challenge called The Bigger Future Challenge. Right off the bat I knew we gotta do this again. And we thought, well, what better time than right after the new year.


For those of you that are listening now, I want you to just think about the bigger future. When I say those words, when we say those words, what does that mean to you? 

This is not the future that somebody else's designing for you. This is not the future that you think is the only future you can have.  

The bigger future is something around joy. It's something around connection, your relationships. It's definitely around money and abundance and it's your future.


Bigger isn't necessarily bigger. But what it is is definitely more of the things that we want in our lives. It could certainly be something to do with your career, your work, your income, something like that. But it's also about relationships. And it's also about the energy and vibrancy that we share. It's like the presence, the bigger presence about how we show up in our lives and how we impact other people. 


So we're going to be creating our bigger future as well, and we invite you to join us.

Also just to all of you out there that have been listening, we really do have you in our hearts and wishing you a very happy and healthy new year. 



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