EP: 214 How to Shift Your State Instantly

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This episode is about How to Shift Your State Instantly

1:21 What it Means to Shift Your State

I had the idea of the topic of shifting your state because I love shifting my state and I love helping people shift theirs. 

I think when we understand who we are as a human being, and when we understand that we're the only ones thinking in our mind, like it's our thinker, and when we can think differently, we can create a completely different experience than what we're having. That's what it means to shift your state. 


4:58 The Bigger Future Challenge

And if you're not in The Bigger Future Challenge, pop on in. Go to my website kismaawake.com or nickhansinger.com to join us. 

It's seven days plus three day bonus days. It’s just awesome.


It's so much fun. 

And speaking of shifting states, it is a big state shifter.


5:19 The Shift

The reason this topic is important to me, I had done a year end virtual training called The Shift. 

It was a really fascinating experience because I realized how many people are seeking that. 

They're having a certain amount of success or a certain amount of happiness, but they know the inner game is the most important. 

So shifting the state is about like an ascension model. You don't just shift at once. 

Every time you shift, you keep going up the spiral to a place that is more objective, more certain, more devoted, more confident, more abundant. All of it. So it's not like you're going in and out of a bad state and a good state. It's that you shift and you continue to rise. 


8:11 The First Step is Awareness

I want to create a very simple formula that our listeners can do again and again that helps you to shift your state instantly. And as you shift it, you continue to ascend. 

The first step is awareness. 

We have to be aware of what we're experiencing or how we're feeling that we don't want to feel or experience. If we're not aware of it, we won't have that conscious choice to shift it.


The awareness thing is kind of the big deal. I just want to highlight that for the listeners. There's an art to awareness. 

Lots of times we're very aware of the wrong things. And it's really important to be able to step back and not even try to change it, but just to pay attention to what's going on in your head.


13:13 Cord Cutting = Releasing

There's an energetic piece called cord cutting that is helpful to insert. 


Cord cutting is basically just about releasing.

Energy connections happen. They typically happen around charged things which are often like the loudest things. They can be things that we are worried about. It can be people that are agitating to us. It can be people who are agitated with us. It can be conversations and stories that we're building around a certain situation or something like that. 

All of those are basically energetic connections and you can actually disconnect that through cord cutting.


17:27 The Attitude of Gratitude

The final piece after you do that, is to take a breath and find something to be grateful for. This seals the deal of shifting your state. 


The attitude of gratitude is a huge shifter for energy. 


21:28 Recap

Just to recap, step one is awareness. Just be aware. 

Ask yourself the question, “Do I want to experience this?” 

If the answer is yes, circle back around, maybe take a walk. If the answer is no, then cut the cords, cut the cords, cut the cords. 

And finally, just breathe and think about something that you are so grateful for. It works every time.



Marcye Horton

Thank you so much 💖 this has been so wonderful and helpful and so far reaching. Although I was unable to watch much of this wonderful event, (I was hoping to have more 'time' (lol) to engage and absorb more) I am so thankful to have been able to be present and mindful when I was on the sight. Is there a way to access more, or have replays? The remarks and comments that were shared are sincere and life affirming and life changing. Thanks to you all, as well. I appreciate all you have done and are doing for all of us. 💕💗 All of the Best to all of you. 

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Nick Hansinger

Hi Marcye, the group for the Bigger Future Challenge is still open, and while the teaching videos have been removed, they are available for purchase. 

Also, Kisma and I have all sorts of cool things going on. You'd love one of my sound healings. Go to http://www.nickhansinger.com/fullmoonsoundhealing to join the next one. :) 

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