EP: 215 What You Want to Know About the Energy of TV

_ INK EP 215

In this episode we are talking about What You Want to Know About the Energy of TV.

We are going to give you some really helpful tips and guidelines about what you consume and what it's really all about.

1:16 The Energy of TV

Today we are talking about television and what you want to know about it’s energy.


Just a heads up, we're not here to tell you to stop watching TV because I know the title is like what you want to know about the energy of TV, but we’re going to talk through what TV can do to you. 


I think well done TV is a brilliant thing, so we're definitely not going to tell you to not watch TV ever. But we are going to give you some really helpful tips and guidelines about what you consume and what it's really all about. 


16:07 Everything Has an Energy

So back to the whole title, the energy that is in the show you’re watching, the energy that the characters are putting out in the writing and the theme, it's coming right out of the TV onto you.


The stories are so engaging that they wrap you into it in such a powerful way. Well your little brain just buys right in, and on a certain level you're very aware that you’re just watching a show, but energetically that doesn't change it. Everything has an energy.


17:16 What You Consume

It's really important when you think about what you consume. 


What you consume, what you speak, what you think. 


Very much so. And when we're talking about TV, it wraps you in a different way and that's in your energy. It's in your brain and it's in your energy field. 

So like anything, we're not going to say don't do it, but you do need to be aware of it and make sure that you're not bingeing on the wrong things. Cause you probably know how you feel when you're bingeing on that. You know, you feel uneasy after that and you take that energy with you into your sleep and into your dreams. Like it can be really disruptive. 

19:39 Tips and Guidelines

I recommend cutting cords and do your best to not have the TV on in the bedroom. We just don't have a TV in our bedroom. I recommend not. 

And I definitely recommend not turning it on first thing in the morning. Don't watch the news. 

It's like it's all infiltrating. Not just your energy, but your room energy.


That's a really good point. It's not just you. It comes into the environment.


Any other tips or  guidelines for the energy of TV? 


Yeah. Keeping good company. 

When you think about keeping good company, that's not just the people. It's actually the good company of your environment, the things in your environment and certainly the media that you consume. 

Just try to moderate as best as you can. Secondly, like Kisma says, use the cord cutting technique that we've taught many times.Cut your cords to release that energy.


24:12 Let Yourself Enjoy It

The last piece of advice is know what you're getting into and if you're going for it, just go for it. Really let yourself enjoy it. 



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