EP: 221 How To Win At The Game Of Life

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This episode is about How to Win at the Game of Life.

1:08 This Game that We Call Life

It's been a little bit since we podcasted.


And now we're back with How to Win at the Game of Life.


Personally speaking, I think it's really healthy to think about life as a game because otherwise you just take it too seriously. 


2:31 Play the Game Differently

It's not that there aren't serious things in life. What we do with our time here on earth is important, but at the same time if we make it too important, it gets really heavy, really fast.

And when you treat life like a game, you have a little bit more flexibility and you can have more fun with it. Like if you make a mistake or do something wrong, it's like, “All right, well, I guess I'll just do something different”. You can just play the game differently. You can change the rules of the game, which is fun. 

We can't change the universal laws, but we can change how we act within those things.


7:02 Not Losing VS. Winning

So there's a difference between not losing and winning and when you put this in the game of life, I think a lot of people get into the mode of just not losing or flying under the radar so that nobody really notices and they don't stand out too much or something like that.

And energetically, it's really constricting. It's like a diminishing energy that just gets smaller and smaller and smaller as you go along. It doesn't keep you in an innovative space. It doesn't let you be in a creative space and it doesn't let you access the resources that you're going to need to really propel yourself. 


If you're just trying not to lose, I don't know that it's heavy, but it's not exciting.


10:05 What is Winning?

On the flip side of that though, what is winning? 

You know, it's not winning by somebody else's definition. This is really important on how to win at the game of life because this is your life. 


Think about the goals and objectives that you've designed for yourself. Not everybody else's that you've decided that seem right for you, but the things that are really true in your own heart.


What do you suggest are some of the qualities that people can think about and utilize to bring about a winning attitude to life?


That's not something I can really answer for everybody. 

You have to sit down with yourself, probably with a journal, and think about what's really important to you and what winning looks like to you.


12:59 The Relationship with Yourself

What are some ways of being that can really help to open up a person to see that they do deserve to win and win on their terms?


The first thing that pops to mind for me is your happiness inside of yourself.

In my mind, your relationship with yourself is probably one of, if not the most important thing that you can develop in your life.

It's number one because that's where you find happiness, and that's where you create happiness.

So I think winning is really having a beautiful relationship with yourself.


18:04 Seeing The Potential 

I want to add one more piece to this idea of winning the game of life. I think also seeing people in their highest and best is another way to win at the game of life.


I'm really glad you brought that up. It wasn't on our original list, but man, it's gotta be on there. 


There's a couple reasons for this.

How you're seeing someone else is how you feel about yourself. If you look at somebody and you immediately go into judgment or criticism somewhere, that's in you about yourself, otherwise it wouldn't be at top of mind. So it's a great thing to look at. 

And the flip side is the more that you can see the potential in other people and opportunities, the more you see the potential in yourself.


24:04 Win at The Game of Life

So there you have a few things that you can use to win at the game of life. 

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Thank you for listening to Illumination Podcast with Nick and KISMA.



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