EP 230: The Five Foundations of Self Love



Loving yourself- I mean REALLY loving yourself- can seem impossible.

There are so many "What ifs" and "Yeah buts."

If you're like most people, sometimes the conversation in your head is positive and supportive. Other times...welll...

There's a reason the saying "Your own worst enemy" has stuck around for so long.

With a topic as big and all-encompassing as Self Love, it's helpful to break it down into pieces. That way you know where to look when things start to slide off the rails or your self-talk takes a dark turn...

Listen in as Nick breaks down the Five Foundations of Self Love step-by step.

Which ones need to most work for you?

Stay tuned because next week we'll be taking a deeper dive into Self Love and Abundance. You know that Kisma can't wait for that one!

If you missed the previous episode, "Change your life with Self Love," go here to get caught up




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