EP 238: How to Exist Around Other Humans, Part 1

Illumination Podcast Landscape-INK238

People are weird.

Sometimes I just look a them and think, “Wow. I just…Wow…”

And I’ll bet they think the same thing about me. And you for that matter, dear listener.

Because we all live in our own little world, but we also have to deal with all the people we encounter- who are living in their own little worlds too.

And sure, you can judge and criticize and ridicule all you want, but what if there were a better way?

In this episode of Illumination Podcast, Kisma and I want to share how you can make a simple and instant shift that would turn the whole circus on its head and make dealing with other people a thousand times easier.

P.S. For extra credit this week, here's the Heineken ad we talked about...


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