Ep. 164: Seven Secrets to Prosperity, Part 2

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This week’s episode is a continuation of everything we discussed last week. In Part 2 of Seven Secrets to Prosperity, we discuss what it looks like to have a healthy relationship with debt. Debt can really stress people out, but it shouldn’t. Instead, debt can be a way to see all the opulence around you. Building a new relationship with debt, including understanding that debt is just another way to pay for opportunities, is key to a prosperous life.


6:36 Debt is Just Another Way to Pay

“When you make your debt wrong, you’re making everything that the debt has allowed you to do wrong. The fact is, debt is a different way to pay for things. It’s another way to do things, to pay for things. It’s a choice. So, whatever your credit cards, or your mortgage, or your car loan have allowed you to do or have, be grateful for that. Then, have a very neutral objective relationship and set out that schedule to pay it down.” - KISMA


11:31 Minimize Debt

“If you get guilty or have shame on your debt, you’re not having clear and transparent conversations with the best way to minimize it and work with it and feel good about it.” - KISMA


16:51 We Have It All

“Since the day we were born, we’ve been given oxygen, the right blood temperature, the right blood temperature. Everything to thrive, and the universe has never sent us a bill. We have it all.” - KISMA


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