EP: 178 The Big Leap, Part 2


This week’s episode The Big Leap, Part 2  we're talking about the hidden barriers to your zone of genius. In his book, The Big Leap - Gay Hendricks lays out four categories these barriers fall under and we are going to deep dive into them today!

01:57 Go Listen to Last Week’s Episode on Sabotage

Just to recap a little bit, last week we started our series on The Big Leap. if you missed it, we talked more about self sabotage. If you haven't heard it, finish listening to this one and go back. It’s very relevant. The sequence of this book is important.


02:22 The Zone of Incompetence

The context of the book is that the idea of our life is to really discover and to share the gifts that we have. Those unique gifts as a human being. And in The Big Leap - Gay puts them into zones. People operating in certain zones and he gives four zones in the book. The first is the zone of incompetence. So this is basically just things that you're not good at.

03:43 The Zone of Competence

The second is your zone of competence. So these are things that you can do and you're probably average at it.


03:54 The Zone of Excellence

As entrepreneurs, we often wear many hats within the business, it's very easy to spend a lot of time in the zone of competence simply because nobody else is doing the stuff. 

So for me, one of the things that I'd put in my zone of competence is working on websites. I’m okay at it. Not too bad. I'm certainly no web designer, but I can make something passable, well make more than passable but look all right. My zone of competence. So it's definitely not my genius and I don't know that I would even stretch into the next zone, which is my zone of excellence. 


05:59 The Zone of Excellence

The temptation is so strong to remain in the zone of excellence. It's where your own addiction to comfort wants you to stay.


06:23 Zone of Excellence -> AKA Your Comfort Zone

It's definitely a risk to step outside the zone of excellence because the stakes are higher so to speak.

It's like you found something and you've developed something that you're really good at and now it's like if you start to step out of that, you might get it wrong or it might not go right. You can already hear a conversation of the sabotage coming in. It's very interesting.


07:05 Your Zone of Genius

You know, I think we can all tap into that moment where we get our big toe in the zone of genius and it doesn't feel good, it's scary. Like the principle of life force is running through.

You're like, this is why I am here. This is amazing and everything else is so quiet. The noise doesn't even get to you when you're in your zone of genius.


07:30 The Call to Your Zone of Genius

Liberating and expressing your natural genius is your ultimate path to success in life satisfaction. Your zone of genius is the set of activities that you are uniquely suited to do. They draw upon your special gifts and strengths. Your zone of genius beckons you with increasingly strong calls as you go through life. The call to genius is the name I've given these inner promptings.


08:51 Decide to Receive

We can explore all we want. It's just like abundance. If we have a receiving issue it (abundance) does not show up like we want it. And same with our zone of genius, if we're not willing to receive.


09:20 What You Believe You Achieve

He (Gay, in The Big Leap) talks about these four barriers. These four hidden barriers all have something in common, although they seem true and real, they are based on beliefs about ourselves that are neither true nor real. In fact, the fact that we unconsciously take them as true and real is the barrier holding us back. That's what makes this a sticky conversation and again, this is the piece that I kind of want to reiterate for everybody. 


10:35 Be Present to Answer These Questions

So there are four statements that Nick is going to read.

I want everyone, as you're listening to tap into your body and notice where you feel a charge. Some of you will feel it in your bodies, others will like breakout into a sweat. You're just going to know the ones that really resonate with you most. So be very present for these statements.


Questions to Answer: 

I cannot expand to my full potential because __________________
In relationships I cannot enjoy abundant love and relationship harmony because_______________

I cannot expand to my full wealth potential because_________________


12:08 Tune Into Yourself 

We're going to invite you to stay really connected and tuned in with yourself for this. Even if you need to go back and listen to it a couple times or you know, just bookmark it so that you come back and listen when you're in a quiet place because you need some of that quietude and you probably feel some reactions in your body just as you say those statements to yourself and see what comes after.



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