Ep. 159: Being Prosperous - Part 1


We’re back this week and very excited to be discussing prosperity. We kick off the conversation with a new series: Being Prosperous. In this episode, Part 1, we cover the State of Mind of Prosperity. This conversation ties back to teachings that we’ve discussed in previous episodes, surrounding The Law Attraction. Quite simply, we attract what we are - so we think, we become.

As with anything, challenges will arise - particularly when it comes to sustaining this mindset. We discuss tools, tips, tricks and practices that we can do realign ourselves, share insight into the Laws of Attraction and offers suggestions for how to identify if we’re existing in a space of limitation and chaos.

We look forward to having you join us on this journey through prosperity.

Hosts: Nick and Kisma


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Time Stamps:

3:52 The State of Mind of Prosperity

“The state of mind of prosperity, a prosperous mindset, it starts with focusing on what you have. On a very basic level, it starts with — and I’m using 'start' really intentionally — it starts with focusing on what you have and having gratitude.” - KISMA

11:27 Prosperous Thinking

“Prosperous thinking would be ‘Wow, I hope everyone has great clients. There’s enough for everyone. I hope everyone has an amazing marriage or partnership or children because, wow, there’s enough love to go around.’ We don’t want to take from people to make ourselves feel better.” - KISMA


12:53 The Universe

“The opportunities aren’t hiding. The Universe does not hide beauty. The Universe does not hide opulence. We cover our eyes and our mind with a veneer of doubt, so once that gets removed, we’re able to see all the opulence out there.”- KISMA


14:24 It’s Right Here

“It’s right there for you. If you have a desire for it, it’s right there for you.”- NICK

23:33 Action

“Take action, really take action and don't resist. If we don’t have what we want, somewhere we’re resisting. We might be resisting taking action, we might be resisting receiving, we might be resisting dropping the drama and the judgment of others — a whole bunch of things we’re resisting. When we think of something, when it’s in our mind, when we’ve got that mindset of prosperity, when we can imagine something, it’s ready to find us. It’s right there. Are we really ready to accept it and are we ready to lean into it? Leaning in, being the action. You know, we are creatures of action. We’ve been given a body, we’re on this planet and consistent action yields consistent results.” - KISMA


25:09 An Objective Mind

Nick: It really comes back to that objectivity of the Vedanta teachings: Whatever is going on around you, let your mind be peaceful inside.

Kisma: Exactly. When you’ve got the peaceful, objective mindset, you can handle anything. You can reframe it. You can change your perception. You can get through it. You can stay in action. That’s the prosperity mindset.

Nick: You can find what’s trying to show up for you.


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