Ep. 155: The Mystic Next Door

We welcome a very special guest in this week’s episode…..one that may come as a bit of a surprise. You may have an idea of who it is, as we’ve mentioned our guest - The Mystic Next Door, in some of our previous episodes.

He steps into the guest seat and talks to us about his journey into creating The Mystic persona, fully stepping into it and why he felt he had to hide being the incredible healer that he is. Our wish is that this episode will spark more of that mysticism, more of that higher self, more joy, more blessings and more transcendence in your lives - because, as you’ll learn from The Mystic, it really is so much easier to live and so much more fun to exist from that space.

Host: Kisma

Guest: The Mystic Next Door


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5:40 Discipline and Personal Responsibility

“Discipline is actually an incredibly important part of this whole thing, Discipline and personal responsibility - the main, really powerful pillars of any spiritual practice. Stay on the path, and take responsibility for that path that you’re on.” - The Mystic Next Door

11:02 Miracles

The Mystic Next Door: “There’s miracles everywhere, and if you want more miracles in your life, look for more miracles in your life. Miracles are not outside the laws of nature, they’re within the laws of nature. We just don’t understand them - so we call it a miracle, which is basically the entire human experience.”

Kisma: “So many people have been brought up to believe that a miracle happens, maybe once in a lifetime so there’s a misperception of breathing, and eyesight, and love, and chakras and stratas. We’re just ignoring miracles everywhere.”

19:21 A Peaceful Mind

“Having a peaceful mind in a chaotic world is really the ultimate” - KISMA

25:09 Your Best Self

“Is your very best self going to respond in anger and division or is your best self going to be in observation? Looking for the higher path - looking to bring everybody to the higher path, a true sense of leadership”- The Mystic Next Door

35:08 A Great Exercise

“That’s a great exercise: imagine what yourself is like when you’re at your very best.” - KISMA


Ella Emerson

Enjoyed hearing your podcast and hoping you can help me find and put some magic in my Soul....

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Nick Hansinger

I'm looking forward to talking to you about that soon! 

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