EP 231: Self Love and Abundance

There is a number. This number carries profound weight because...

It influences every area of your life.

Especially how much abundance you have- or rather, how much Abundance you EXPERIENCE, which is what really matters.

Only you know what your number really is. And if you can be honest enough with yourself to get to the truth of this number, you can make amazing changes in your life in a very short amount of time.

In this episode of Illumination Podcast, Kisma and Nick take a deep look at this myst…

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EP 230: The Five Foundations of Self Love


Loving yourself- I mean REALLY loving yourself- can seem impossible.

There are so many "What ifs" and "Yeah buts."

If you're like most people, sometimes the conversation in your head is positive and supportive. Other times...welll...

There's a reason the saying "Your own worst enemy" has stuck around for so long.

With a topic as big and all-encompassing as Self Love, it's helpful to break it down into pieces. That way you know where to look when things start to slide off the rails or your self-talk …

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EP 229: Change Your Life with Self Love

It's a simple thing really.

Your relationship with yourself impacts literally every aspect of your life.

Your sense of peace and well being
Your mental clarity and confidence
Your relationships (ALL of them)
Your prosperity and career
Even your physical health!

But it's also true that you can't read the label when you're inside the bottle...

That's why conversations about Self Love are so important.

Tune into this episode of Illumination Podcast as we explore just how deep your relationship with yourself…

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EP 228: The Anger Games, Part 2

In part 2 of this important series, we explore the hidden underbelly of Anger...

...the vulnerable places anger protect
...the call for change and transformation
...the use and misuse of anger

Under it all is one big fat lie that Anger tells us. And once you see it, you can make wonderful changes in your life WITHOUT all the conflict.

In fact, you can recover an extraordinary amount of time and energy just by doing a few very simple things.

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EP 227: The Anger Games, Part 1

What's making you angry these days?
Family? Political stuff? Frustrated about money or your career? Kids?

Anger is a powerful energy. Yes, it can be an agent for change, but at what cost to your mind, energy and relationships? 

In this 2-part series we'll break down 4 common games anger plays in our lives and how to shift it instantly.  Listen in now...

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EP 226: The Summer of Cats

It's no secret...We love our furry friends. After the loss of our 20-year-old cat Sabrina, we thought we might not have any pets for a while.

We were wrong.

And now that we're all settled in there are some important lessons to unpack.

Listen in on this fun and insightful episode now...

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EP: 225 What to do when you finally have some space

INK EP 225 - Wide

In this episode we discuss what to do when you finally have some space.

00:02:35 - Empty Space

Well, this is something I definitely noticed with myself is, you get that empty space and there's usually like a sigh of relief. Yeah, man. You know, maybe something got canceled or, you know, a meeting got canceled or something shifted and it's like, oh, now I don't have to do that thing. And whew, man, it's like sigh of relief for a second. But immediately the mind is like, well, what am I going …

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EP: 224 How to be extraordinary


In this episode we discuss How To Be Extraordinary.

00:02:00 - Perception

Perception is everything. Yeah. 


Those can be the days that you look back on two and you're like, dang, you know, I really handled that. 


I handled it. It was cool. Which leads us to the topic of extraordinary. I think it is someone who faces each and every day and makes it the best day. I think being extraordinary doesn't mean that you're, you know, it is extraordinary to climb Mount Everest. It is extr…

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EP: 223 Redefining Normal


In this episode we discuss Redefining Normal.

2:48 Venturing Out

So today we're talking about redefining normal and this really was inspired by a conversation we were having. I was mentioning how,  going out into the world now that things are opening up. I mean, they've been opening up for awhile, but I think we've started venturing out more than usual. 


I'd say that's fair. 


I even took a trip. I flew across the country, and it was fine, but it's just, it's a little bit sensi…

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EP: 222 The Most Important Thing that No One Wants to Talk About

_ INK EP 221

In this episode we are talking about The Most Important Thing that No One Wants to Talk About.

1:16 This is Important for Your Journey

We're talking about something important that nobody wants to talk about, but if you're on any sort of spiritual journey, personal growth journey, success journey, you got to get this under control.


If you just want to be a little bit happier, this is actually really important for that too.


2:18 The Role it Plays

What we're talking about today …

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