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EP: 224 How to be extraordinary


In this episode we discuss How To Be Extraordinary.

00:02:00 - Perception

Perception is everything. Yeah. 


Those can be the days that you look back on two and you're like, dang, you know, I really handled that. 


I handled it. It was cool. Which leads us to the topic of extraordinary. I think it is someone who faces each and every day and makes it the best day. I think being extraordinary doesn't mean that you're, you know, it is extraordinary to climb Mount Everest. It is extr…

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EP: 223 Redefining Normal


In this episode we discuss Redefining Normal.

2:48 Venturing Out

So today we're talking about redefining normal and this really was inspired by a conversation we were having. I was mentioning how,  going out into the world now that things are opening up. I mean, they've been opening up for awhile, but I think we've started venturing out more than usual. 


I'd say that's fair. 


I even took a trip. I flew across the country, and it was fine, but it's just, it's a little bit sensi…

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EP: 222 The Most Important Thing that No One Wants to Talk About

_ INK EP 221

In this episode we are talking about The Most Important Thing that No One Wants to Talk About.

1:16 This is Important for Your Journey

We're talking about something important that nobody wants to talk about, but if you're on any sort of spiritual journey, personal growth journey, success journey, you got to get this under control.


If you just want to be a little bit happier, this is actually really important for that too.


2:18 The Role it Plays

What we're talking about today …

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EP: 221 How To Win At The Game Of Life

_ INK EP 221

This episode is about How to Win at the Game of Life.

1:08 This Game that We Call Life

It's been a little bit since we podcasted.


And now we're back with How to Win at the Game of Life.


Personally speaking, I think it's really healthy to think about life as a game because otherwise you just take it too seriously. 


2:31 Play the Game Differently

It's not that there aren't serious things in life. What we do with our time here on earth is important, but at the same time i…

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EP: 220 Gay Hendricks on the Essence of Being


This week's episode has a special guest: Gay Hendricks. Gay Hendricks has been a leader in the fields of relationship transformation and bodymind transformation for more than 45 years. After earning his Ph.D. from Stanford in 1974, Gay served as Professor of Counseling Psychology at the University of Colorado for 21 years. He has written more than 40 books, including bestsellers such as Five Wishes, The Big Leap, Conscious Loving and Conscious Loving Ever After, (the last two co-authored with …

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EP: 219 How to Give Feedback to Close Friends and Partners Without Seeming Critical

_ INK EP 219

In this episode we are talking about How to Give Feedback to Close Friends and Partners Without Seeming Critical.

3:45 Giving and Receiving Feedback

I think it is a real skill to be able to give feedback in a really clear way.


And of course, on the other end, you really have to have the skin to take it and use what's valuable and if you disagree with it, you let it go.


4:52 It’s a Human Thing

So I could make this episode really short and just say don't give feedback.  


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EP: 218 How to Be Successful Without Burning Out

_ INK EP 218

This episode is about three skills to be successful without burning out.

These skills can be used in a lot of different ways and these principles apply in a lot of different areas. 

1:16 These Skills are Valuable

This is really Nick’s system and it is three skills to be successful without burning out.


These principles apply to anybody who is busy in their life, an active person, and anyone who has a lot of different irons in the fire. 

These are skills that are definitely going to b…

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EP: 217 How to Win Over the IRS


This episode is about How to Win Over the IRS.

00:02 Energy of Attitude and of Personality

Today's episode is about an interesting topic, how to win over the IRS

This is really about something that Nick went through and his story, and we thought it might be really helpful because it was such a cool use of energy of attitude and of personality.


That's a good way to put it. And I kind of put together a little formula for how I was going to approach this. 


4:12 Strategy

So we h…

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EP: 216 Why Bad Things Happen in 3s

_ INK EP 216

In this episode we are talking about Why Bad Things happen in 3s.

3:14 Does This Really Happen?

We are diving into why bad things happen in threes.

“As far as I know, bad things happen in threes.” 

We hear this all the time and I think it's interesting to look at.

Does this really happen? Do we create it or is it the force of nature?


Personally, I do believe bad things happen in threes, but I also believe that we create that circumstance.


So in other words, they don't have …

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EP: 215 What You Want to Know About the Energy of TV

_ INK EP 215

In this episode we are talking about What You Want to Know About the Energy of TV.

We are going to give you some really helpful tips and guidelines about what you consume and what it's really all about.

1:16 The Energy of TV

Today we are talking about television and what you want to know about it’s energy.


Just a heads up, we're not here to tell you to stop watching TV because I know the title is like what you want to know about the energy of TV, but we’re going to talk through what …

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