EP: 207 How to Shape Your Reality, Part 2

_ INK EP 207

In this episode we are continuing with part two of How To Shape Your Reality.

1:40 Recap

I do want to give a little recap from last week. 

Basically we're breaking this down into four principles. Knowing, Heart, Action and Receptivity.

The knowing and the heart work together. Knowing in your mind's eye what it is you want to create or who it is you want to be, and what it is you want to manifest.

Now, we also talked about how that heart place is even deeper knowing. A knowing plus accepta…

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EP: 206 How to Shape Your Reality, Part 1

_ INK EP 206

In this episode we talk about How to Shape Your Reality.

2:48 Manifesting

What we want to talk about today, and we might be talking about it more and more, is how to shape your reality, basically manifesting. 

And I think I know where I want to kick this off. 

If you're not shaping your reality, the outside reality is gonna shape you.


I feel like this goes beyond manifesting as well.

When I think about shaping your reality, that involves the flow of your life and the direction tha…

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EP: 205 Cosmic Peace

_INK EP 205

This episode is about Cosmic Peace.

1:33 Elevating Ourselves

Last week our episode was about how to anchor the peace within, it was practical application about choosing to turn the noise down, choosing to not get into arguments, and more. 

Today we're going to raise it up into more of the cosmic nature. 

So when we think about what happens to our human in the world, you know, we've got the physical, we've got our body, we've got our brain firing in so many ways. We've got our emotions, our…

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EP 204: How to Anchor the Peace Within

INK EP 204

This episode is about How to Anchor the Peace Within.

01:01 Your Peace

There's a lot going on right now.


There is a lot going on, and that's why we wanted to talk about anchoring the peace within.

We felt it was really important to find ways to bring your peace and anchor it because there is so much noise in the world, there is a lot of negativity, fear, and heaviness being thrown at us from many different directions. 


05:55 Present To The Universe

What I've seen is that whe…

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EP 203: Moving from Chaos to Calm, Part 3

INK EP 203

In this week’s episode we are concluding our series on Moving from Chaos to Calm

2:55 Recap

This is part three of our series about going from chaos to calm. 

So just to recap, in part one we talked about the fact that you have the ability to create calm. And then in part two we talked about what's really going on inside you.


5:03 What Is Going On In The Inside

This episode is an interesting one and that is for you to ponder that in some way, if there's chaos in your life, you've …

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EP 202: Moving from Chaos to Calm, Part 2


In this week’s episode we're continuing the series, Moving from Chaos to Calm. And today we’re focusing on what's going on inside you.

2:17 The World Is A Mirror

If you want to create calm, we have to look at what's going on inside of you.

You've probably heard the teaching of the world is a mirror of what's going on inside. You work on your internal and the external does recreate. When we're willing to examine, to be present, and ask “Okay, what the heck is happening inside of me that I ca…

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EP 201: Moving from Chaos to Calm Part 1

INK EP 201

This week’s episode is Part 1 of a series called Moving from Chaos to Calm. Today’s episode is really about understanding, embodying, and trusting that you have what it takes to create calm.

1:13 Podcasting From Home

It's a big day. We're podcasting from home.


It's exciting. We have some new equipment and it's really nice to be able to sit down in this kind of comfort and record. 


I mean it was fun to be able to record from Common Grounds. You know, that's where my office was …

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EP 200: Know Your Supply

_INK EP 200

 This week’s episode is called Know Your Supply.

02:54 Remember Your Supply

I grabbed the title, Know Your Supply, because I'm always working with my students and clients about how everything comes from the same supply, the same Source. We have access to all that is. 

I follow Deepak Chopra on Instagram. I've never done his trainings or courses, but I think he's so cute. He just speaks wisdom at the right time. And it was the beginning of the Corona virus, and I was checking his profile becau…

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EP: 199 - Abundance Disruptors- Things People Do to Mess Up Their Love, Money, and Happiness

_INK EP 199

In this week’s episode we talk about Abundance Disruptors- Things People Do to Mess Up Their Love, Money and Happiness

1:34 Boil Things Down

Sometimes we need a little pep talk.


Yeah, you need a little pep talk every once in a while.

We're so busy and our heads get cluttered up with so many things.  So when you can boil things down to very simple steps that can reset you, it's so powerful. 


So if you haven’t listened to Episode 198 yet, listen to it. It's all about deciding w…

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EP: 198 - 3 Decisions That Can Make Any Day Your Best Day

_INK EP 198 (1)

This week's episode is about Three Decisions You Can Make Any Day Your Best Day.

02:44 It All Comes Down To Your Decisions

Today we're talking about three decisions to make any day your best day.


Any day, your best day. And the reason we're talking about decisions is if you've been listening to us or following either of us, you know that we talk a lot about energy, the power of thoughts, the power of energy and the ultimate power of choice. And you know I say, we're always manifesting. An…

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